Description Canyon du Furon lower section, Grenoble, Vercors

1 May 2024

Below, we describe the lower part of the Furon canyon, obstacle by obstacle, located just outside Grenoble in the Vercors massif.

The Furon canyon is made up of 2 distinct parts, making it one of the canyons near Grenoble not to be missed! Description of the Furon canyon in the lower part, without shuttle bus:
Departure from the Furon bas parking lot

After parking and equipping yourself in the parking lot, take rue François Guérin and follow the chemin des cuves, cross the park and follow the path up to the entrance to the grotte des cuves de Sassenage. Continue along the stream and, after a steep incline overlooking the natural arch, reach the Furon canyon river at best.

The canyon begins quickly enough with an 8-metre abseil that takes us under a wedged boulder forming a magnificent natural arch, well worth the detour! From the platform, a jump is possible with plenty of momentum and good cushioning, as the basin is shallow. A quieter version with a 3m abseil takes us to the basin, which is overlooked by the access path. You’ll be a star for walkers, who’ll be watching your exploits from the dry!

After a short walk and a few boulder climbs, we reach the tributary flowing out of the “Cuves de Sassenage”, from which cool water emerges to bring the temperature down a little.

The next obstacle is a passage under a boulder (optional). This fun passage is impressive from above, but once inside, everything goes smoothly.
Be careful to step out feet-first into the slide below the block.
Your instructor will guide you over this atypical obstacle.

A few more jumps and you’ll reach the Furon canyon’s most beautiful waterfall.
In this description of the Furon canyon lower section, we describe the 3 possible routes over this 17m waterfall. The instructor accompanying you will choose the most suitable route according to the water level and your level of fitness.

On the right bank, after a small handrail, you can either descend to the right into a gully that is rarely flooded, or descend right into the middle of the “voile de la marié” waterfall, which has been watered and has a large break in the middle hidden by the veil of water. You can also choose to descend along the left bank, via a dry abseil which, once you’ve reached the bottom, allows you to climb back up under the waterfall to jump through the curtain of water and take a great photo.

Once past the waterfall, the Furon canyon becomes a little more incised. Following the river, you’ll come to a siphonic passage often blocked by branches. Which allows you to pass under a huge boulder, rarely in condition.
We’ll use the second entrance to this quieter passage, which allows you to swim in a long, almost cavernous reach, leading to a large basin.

We arrive at an old dam that captures part of the furon’s flow, and from the top of this dam we overlook the last two basins, 11 m and then 12 m below, a vertiginous prospect.

Several passages are possible, the best of which is a 3m de-escalation and a superb 8m jump. It’s also possible to do a 5m abseil and a short 2m jump. Like all canyons, the Furon canyon changes its bed every year and the depth of the pools can vary, so be sure to check the bottom before jumping in. Terra Nova Canyoning ‘s instructors scout the canyons after every storm to ensure that jumps are feasible. If you’re unsure of yourself and don’t have any equipment, take a guide.

After this jump, the last obstacle of the Furon canyon pass is revealed.
You’ll take a handrail which, thanks to a short 4m abseil, will lead you into a fossil pool from which you can make an 8m jump or abseil.

Just a 5-minute walk and you’ll emerge from the Furon canyon in the heart of the town of Sassenage, a striking contrast.

The 1/2 day in the Furon bas canyon ends here.
Thank you for taking the time to read our description of the Furon canyon lower section.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit our canyon du furon partie basse page.
You can also opt for a longer version, the full-day Furon canyon, which combines the lower and upper sections.

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