Description Canyon du Furon upper section, step-by-step guide!

16 April 2024

Canyon du Furon upper section, located in the Vercors region

Below we describe the upper part, obstacle by obstacle, of the Furon canyon just outside Grenoble, one of the best-known canyons near Grenoble.

The Furon canyon is made up of 2 distinct parts.

Description of the Furon canyon 1st part in a loop without shuttle :
Departure from the furon haut canyon parking lot.
Go down along the road for 100m, and take the dirt track known as “les brets”.
At the 1st junction, turn right to reach the “Mayousse” bridge overlooking the start of the Furon canyon.

canyon Grenoble le Furon

The canyon begins immediately with a 9m obstacle that can be crossed in 3 ways, either by a 9m jumpwhich is technical and requires very good canyoning experience, either by a 9m abseil, or by a short 4m abseil to reach a step from which you can do an easy 5m jumpIt’s the ideal way to get started in the Furon canyon.

The second obstacle is 4m long and can be negotiated either by abseiling down the left or right bank or by a technical jump from the top of the boulder in the middle.

This is followed by a section of walking, first along a small path on the right bank, then through a boulder chaos.

canyoning grenoble

The latter features small obstacles, one- or two-metre slides, and passages under boulders of varying narrowness that can be avoided or bypassed, giving you the chance to take some cool photos!

zip-line canyon Grenoble

The instructor will set up the zip line so that you can take off on the rope attached to your lanyards. No need to brake, the water will take care of it for you!
Hence the name : Tyrosplashh!

Let’s continue describing the Furon Canyon, because there’s more to come! A few more small jumps and we arrive at the entrance to the last part of the canyon, known as the ” Furon Express “, a condensed version of canyoning, with one obstacle after another.

Grenoble canyon jump

We start with a 3m slide which takes us to the top of a second 4m slide. To get past this obstacle, you can either go down the slide or climb back up the right bank to jump into the landing basin. You’ll have a choice of 4m and 5m jump heights, and with the right impulse, it’s possible to make a 6m jump.

The next slide is atypical in fact, it makes a slight right-hand bend, very well sculpted by the water, so we offer it either in a normal position with the feet forward on the back, or for the more adventurous, with the head forward on the back – sensations guaranteed!

The next obstacle , an 8m waterfall, allows you to make a jump or abseil down.
The only difficulty is to arrive straight in the water so as not to hurt yourself. Don’t overestimate yourself, 8m is high and the impact is violent when you enter the water. Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like jumping, the instructor will have already set up the abseil and it’s very easy to do. The instructor will give you all the advice you need to make your descent a success.

There’s a final5m slide, to be completed either as a jump or a slide.

Twenty metres further on, the 30mvia ferrata begins, taking us out of the gorge and onto the return path. In 35 minutes we reach our starting point and the cars.

The 1/2 day in the Furon haut canyon ends here.
Thank you for taking the time to read our description of canyon du furon partie haute.

For more information, see our page canyon du furon partie haute.
You have the option of doing a longer version of the full-day Furon canyon, combining the upper and lower sections.

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