Topo description of the Ecouges canyon lower section, step by step!

5 April 2024

Canyoning des Ecouges lower part, canyon du vercors

Following a landslide in the summer of 2022, this section of the low-lying Ecouges canyon has been divided into two parts.

Description of the Ecouges canyon low 1st part loop without shuttle :
Departure from parking des ecouges 2
Follow the road for 200m, cross the bridge and follow the steep left bank path down to the riverbed.

Continuing along the riverbed, you’ll come to the top of the1st 5m slide, which is a little steep and tortuous, so we’ll take it from the middle on the right bank. The landing basin leads directly to the1st abseiling des Ecouges canyon.

description of the Ecouges canyon

On this 14m abseil there are three possibilities: on the right bank the descent is dry, in the center it’s wetter and a little slippery and finally on the left bank it’s really wet.
Depending on the level of your group, the instructor will decide which descent lines will be the most fun and safest.

After a short walk on slopes, we reach the top of the 25 m waterfall, the highest abseil in this part of the canyon. canyon des Ecouges lower section .

rappel canyon des ecouges

This waterfall is in two parts: the first is an 18m slab and the second is a 7m overhang. choosing a right bank anchorage allows you to descend easily to dry land. On the left bank, the descent is more technical as it is right in the water vein. For experienced canyoneers only.

We continue along the canyon bed, zigzagging between the left and right banks to make our way through the boulder chaos.

giant slides

In 5 minutes we reach the start of the aquatic section of the Ecouges canyon, which begins immediately with a gently sloping 4m slide that can be travelled both forwards and backwards.
This is followed by a 5m jump, with the option of an ejector slide or abseil in its place.

canyoning jump isère ecouges

Let’s continue describing the Ecouges canyon, which continues with a 3m jump that can be repeated at will in a beautiful pool, allowing for a few acrobatics. A second, narrower 3-metre jump takes us into a beautiful, deep basin, which empties into the start of the next slide.

This slide, a sensational and impressive obstacle, is the highlight of the Ecouges canyon. It can be bypassed by a handrail and abseil on the left bank, or by a tricky abseil on the right bank.
This 8m slide is atypical in that it is made up of two inclines: at the start, the instructor will place you on an almost flat slab, and, pushed by the water, you will pick up speed to take off slightly at the break in the slide and so on. slid at full speed along the vertical sectionsensations guaranteed!
The Ecouges is undoubtedly THE canyon of the Vercors because it’s one obstacle after another. After this slide, a 5m jump, which is a little technical and can be bypassed by an abseil, takes us to the last abseil of this section.

ecouges tendril recall

Descending from the abseil which closes the course, can be descended in 3 ways: either by a handrail and a 12m abseil on the left bank, or by a 15m abseil on the right bank. Finally, it is also possible to use a large ascending handrail to make a 20m abseil in the dry. But for us, the best thing is to go down the slide two by two, held back by the rope, and go right through the heart of the water spray, which forms a tube just like in surfing.

3 small slides lead us to the exit path or to the continuation of the canyon if you have chosen the day version of the lower Ecouges canyon .
For the rest of the story, click here
The climb back up to the parking lot takes about twenty minutes, quietly through the undergrowth.

The 1/2 day ends here
Thank you for taking the time to read our description of the Ecouges canyon.

For more information, see our page canyon des Ecouges partie basse 1/2 Day
You have the possibility to do a longer version of the canyon des Ecouges lower canyon
Not to be confused with the full day in the Ecouges canyon called Canyon Ecouges intégral.

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